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We've collected our top products of all time in one place to save you time and eliminate any and all doubts about our absolute favorite toys! These products and brands are not only best sellers but also represent some of the best quality and most thoughtful designs and intentions of any items we carry.

what do we mean by core collection?

These brands and products are near and dear to our hearts for a myriad of reasons, but the one thing in common with each one is how often we recommend, sell, and restock them. We've sold hundreds of some core collection items over just the last two years, and it's because we love what we do and customers love what we choose! As a small business run by a family you know and staff invested in kids, we take the time to get to know vendors, brands, products, and educational or therapeutic values of just about everything that comes through our store and are thrilled to pass along that knowledge to our customers.

See something that says out of stock? Be sure to add your email to our restock alert list or let someone know in store and you'll be contacted directly as soon as it comes back in. Everything in this collection is something we like to keep in stock, and it's usually only gone because we can't get any more at the time!


The Toniebox works by placing one of their dozens of magnetic characters on top of the box to hear a variety of songs, stories, or recordings. Tonies provides autonomy for kids as young as one and parents can rest easy knowing exactly what their child is listening to without fear of unwanted streaming recommendations.

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Micro Scooters

Micro Scooters is our first and only choice for scooters. Tried and true, these top quality, easy to assemble and handle scooters remain the safest, lightest weight options we trust the most. With scooters that start as riding toys for 1+ to their adjustable handlebars and generous weight maximums, there's something for every age!

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Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander was created in 1923 with the simple notion that “Dolls were meant to be played with and loved," that revolutionized the industry. We're proud to offer knowledge and direction to our customers on which dolls best suit which situation and love that we can provide Madame Alexander year-round for infants, babies, toddlers, and big kids alike.

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Chatty Snaps

Founded by two of our favorite people to work with (Alicia and Annalee), Chatty Snaps was started with the intention of helping kids start conversations and find friends more easily; something even more valuable in the wake of lost social interactions from the past few years. Snaps can be customized for events, teams, or occasions, and we're happy to help facilitate your designs!

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Dope Slime

This is the best slime ever! Started by two brothers as a hobby that has expanded into a huge success, Dope Slimes continue to come up with new and unique textures and combinations of slime. This isn't your made from home goopy-sticky slime, though! Featuring instant snow, memory foam texture, and more, these are sure to wow without creating a big mess.

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Beginning as a product designed exclusively for kindergartens and schools in Scandinavia, Plus-Plus was created to foster open-ended play and creativity. Made from food-grade materials and with zero-plastic waste, Plus-Plus is eco-conscious and safe for kids at all stages; they even have a large size for one and up. One shape - endless possibilities. Try your hand at building today!

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90 years of excellence in attention to detail and durability in figurine creation, Schleich is a world-renowned manufacturer of pretend play figures and play sets. Their new brand values are What if? Why not?And then… because their entire focus is on opening doors for kids to have the best imaginative play possible.

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When you think of magnetic toys for little ones, you think of Magna-Tiles. We're proud to carry the original name in magnetic construction because it remains the best in quality, weight, and durability across every metric making it the easiest to build successfully with and some of longest lasting toys you can find.

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Klee Naturals

Designed by moms for kids to safely play with real makeup, Klee was created with ingredients in mind. Made with no parabens, preservatives, or any other harsh chemical, Klee relies on natural minerals and oils to create real makeup that goes on light and washes easily with soap and water. And they're in the cutest packaging!

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