When we say this is the best slime ever WE MEAN THIS IS THE BEST SLIME EVER. As of April 2023 we've carried more than 40 kinds of Dope Slime and continue to strive to bring in new and compelling offers year-round for our slime-fanatic regulars. This isn't your made-at-home slime that sticks to counters and fingers and runs onto the floor, though. Dope Slime is always innovating new techniques and textures to provide a variety of tactile sensations (fluffy, puffy, stretchy, slimy, soft, chunky) and their themes are always a treat (get it?). We know slime can be a sensitive subject for parents worried about furniture stains and mess, but the world agrees, slime is one of the easiest, best tools available for self-regulated sensory stimulation and therapy. Repetitive motions in sensory play help regulate emotions and sooth anxiety in kids, teens, and adults alike and it's hard not to recommend Dope Slime when self-soothing is brought up in store. Still not sold on trying out slime again? Stop by the store and ask to try a sample! We know you'll love it!