We probably recommend Tonies at least once a day to a customer looking for a long-lasting, engaging, screen-free alternative for a little one that can grow with them into elementary school. As one of our staff likes to say, "it's baby autonomy!" Tonies allow your baby or toddler to make their own decisions on what they listen to while you have peace of mind knowing it's free from ads, recommendations, or strange videos. Kids simply choose one of dozens of recognizable magnetic figures and put them on top of the box and like magic they begin to tell stories and sing songs! Pause by removing it, change songs or story chapters by whacking the sides! Soft to withstand falls and easy to recharge, the Tonie Box has a character for every interest and age and we'd love to tell you more!

      IN STORE ONLY Tonies Promo: Ask an associate about our Tonies punch cards! Buy 10 Tonies from our store, get one free! Promotion will continue while punch cards are available!