Micro Scooters are currently the most award-winning scooters for kids in the world and just placed as the top choice on the New York Times' list for the fifth year in a row! This brand is two decades strong in innovating how scooters work safely, efficiently, and with the smoothest ride possible. Designed to turn through balance, they remain super safe for even kids as young as 1 (3-in-1 Deluxe Scooters), and light weight enough for toddlers to pick up and move themselves. The lean-to-steer method improves gross motor skills like balance and coordination at a young age and its components age with your child to last for years and years. And speaking of components, did you know Micro offers replacement parts for nearly every piece of each of its products for prices as low as $4? When we say these are built to last, we mean it and they make sure of it with options to replace pieces lost to prolonged weather exposure or accidental breaks. This is another example of a product we've experimented with on brands and have chosen to remain true and loyal to Micro for all our scooter needs because we know it's the best we can possibly offer!