Plus-Plus are 6-sided plastic pieces (two plus signs fused together) to create endless 2D and 3D puzzles, pictures, figures, and more. One shape, endless possibilities! Plus-Plus combines elements of science, tech, mathematics, and engineering (STEM) to stimulate fine motor skills, logical thinking, creative problem solving, and imagination. Available in ready to play tubes with instructions on single builds, large tubes with open ended play, or box sets with even more instruction, Plus-Plus can be re-used and expanded on for years and years to come. Made of raw materials produced in the EU, free of phthalates, PVC and BPA, and 100% recyclable, Plus-Plus is also health and ecologically conscious in design. Their USA website also boasts printable and downloadable educational resources for guided play as well as hundreds of tutorials for builds online-- but we personally love to see a child walk in our doors, scoop out our samples, and start building without prompting or plan. There's nothing better than the smile on a child's face showing you something they're proud to have made and the possibilities just don't seem to end with this product. Come play with us today in store or ask us for help finding the perfect set to get started!