Updated Policy-NOVEMBER

*Due to the rise in COVID cases, we are not able to accept returns until further notice. 

We’re dedicated to continuing to provide excellent, one of a kind shopping experiences and personalized customer service, regardless of any ongoing or potential challenges this season has to offer! Our top priority is guaranteeing your family and ours a safe, Merry Christmas, and the best way to do that was to update some of our policies and expand a number of our services. We’re so grateful for the support of our customers and appreciate your understanding as we work even harder this holiday season to meet and match any challenge that comes our way!

With our busiest shopping season well underway, and with health, safety, and legal regulations in mind concerning this unprecedented pandemic of 2020, we have compiled this list of new services and their practice, policies, and procedures to best inform you of our changes.

There may be times when we will need to limit the number of in-store customers to maintain social distancing guidelines. This is something we will continue to evaluate on a case by case basis, and we appreciate your understanding and patience.
Our solution to potential in-store capacity issues is to skip the line! While we love seeing and helping our customers in person, if you ever find yourself waiting in line, we offer fast and easy online purchase and pick up, and with our new system, your checkout is immediate and automatically pulls your items from our virtual inventory. You’ll receive an email or text alert as soon as your order is pulled and ready and we can even bring it out to your car!

We require all patrons ages 5 and wear a face mask for entry. The mask must be worn properly over the nose and mouths at all times while in the store. This is in accordance to Governor Kay Ivey’s sate wide mask mandate and for the safety of our employees and customers.
We offer a variety of Comfort Care and Top Trenz branded masks for adults and children of all sizes. These are ranked some of the most breathable and comfortable masks around, and are machine washable. If you find yourself in need of a mask in a pinch, we’ll be happy to take your payment online or over the phone and run one out to you!

As always, we will continue to offer and provide free gift wrapping services during this holiday season! However, due to in-store capacity, staff availability, and the limitations of physical space in our small business, wrapping items on spot may not always be available.
This is something we’ve spent a lot of time discussing and worked hard to prepare for to the best of our abilities! As our business continues to grow and the challenges of keeping our customers and employees safe and satisfied increase during this busy time, we appreciate your understanding and patience while we try out some new guidelines and turnaround times.
All guidelines and procedures will be in place subject to the discretion of our staff and determined by the workload of the day or week.

  1. Holiday wrapping is free within a 72 hour turn around beginning Monday the week of Thanksgiving and continuing through Christmas.

We love taking the time to wrap your gifts and provide extra care to best show off your presents but anticipate issues maintaining quality and safety in wrapping without some sort of order and dedicated time and space to do so. This 72 hour turn around provides our staff ample time to wrap even the most cumbersome of objects with care and detail without falling victim to rushed mistakes and protects our employees from overcrowding in our small space. Please also note the three day turnaround is an estimate and often gifts may be ready ahead of that time.

  1. Express wrapping at $2 per gift will be available for purchases made no later than 2pm for same day pick up at 4:30pm and is available in-store and online.

This $2 fee will bring your wrapping order towards the top of the line. The standard 72 hour wait time allows cushion to provide the faster turnaround for those who need it. This additional fee affords us payroll to better manage gift wrapping orders and funds to replenish quality wrapping paper as needed.

  1. We will now offer on the spot gift bagging at the register for up to three items directly following checkout and at no additional charge.

To accommodate all situations and continue to provide the on the spot service you have come to expect, we will be happy to add tissue paper and ribbon to our already sturdy, solid brown or white paper bags directly at the checkout counter and at no additional cost or wait for up to three items. If you need more than three items gift bagged we ask that you allow us time to wrap them with more care to be picked up at a later time.

  1. Birthday wrapping is still available same day for up to three easy to wrap gifts with a $2 express charge for any additional items you need wrapped.

While we are still happy to wrap a single or limited quantity of easily wrapped items for any customer on a day with light traffic or minimal orders ahead of them on any given day, when taking into consideration our commitment to the well being of our employees and patrons, we simply do not have the space or staffing for multiple employees to stop assisting customers to wrap presents while others are forced to wait. We have limited space to work with to maintain social distancing and keep up with wrapping presents, especially large or oddly shaped ones, and a huge increase in demand around this time of year.

This year forced businesses to innovate and problem solve like never before and our store has been no exception! We’ve spent countless hours improving and better integrating our online store to our in-store inventory and are more prepared than ever to meet any customer’s needs!

We would like to clarify that our new inventory and sales system has eliminated our ability to create or maintain personal accounts for customers and this is a service we will no longer be offered. Purchases must be paid in full online or in-store before items can exit the building. We are happy to collect items for you and directly email invoices to assist in online shopping but can no longer hold items indefinitely for customers wanting items saved for future purchase.

Our website is available 24/7, accepts all credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay and offers in-store or curbside pick up as well as flat rate shipping. We have added easy to navigate add-ons for free and express gift wrapping to our checkout page, and are pleased to reintroduce delivery options throughout the holidays! Purchases made through the website are fully integrated to our in-store inventory and automatically pay for and reserve your items upon payment.
We’ve spent a lot of time working to improve our search engine and product grouping and it’s easier than ever to find the right toy for the kids in your life, but a real person is always available to get back in touch with you via social media or website chat if you ever find yourself struggling to locate an item. Once you have completed your purchase, your payment information page will allow you the choice of pick up, ship, and (beginning November 23, 2020) delivery.

    You will receive a text or email notification as soon as your order is complete and ready for pick up. Orders are usually filled same day or the following morning if after business hours but may take a little longer If you’ve requested gift wrapping services.
    You will receive a text or email notification as soon as your order is complete and ready for pick up. Simply give us a call at (205)345-0061 and let us know you have an online order and tell us your vehicle’s make and color and where you’re parked and an associate will bring your order right out.
    To take the anxiety of searching for parking Main Street out of your Christmas shopping, beginning November 23, 2020 three parking spaces will be reserved and numbered for online pick up for the Toy Shoppe and Everlasting. These spaces will be located directly behind our two businesses in the parking lot adjacent to the Anders Hardware 100 Years sign directly off 5th Simply call our store and let us know which parking spot you’re in and an employee will be right with you!