Updated Policies


3/18 Update: If 5 or more My Little Ponies are ordered for Shipping, we will contact you for to pay additional shipping costs.  

**Please take the time to read our Policies page**



1)       What if something I bought from you doesn’t work?

-The best thing for you to do is to contact the manufacturer directly.  If the product doesn’t work- it’s a manufacturing defect.  They will resolve the problem 10 times faster than we can.  Be prepared for them to ask for pictures and or video of the item.

-Longer explanation:  In retail, we are buying blind just like you are.  Unlike clothing retailers who could spot a defect upon unpacking, the majority of our items are boxed.  Without un-boxing and testing every item we cannot catch every defect.  We try- we really do.  If you bring the item to us we will have to follow a long chain of communication to fix the problem for you.  You -> Us -> Sales Rep -> Their Contact at the Company -> Claims department -> Claims department might circle back to us to ask for more evidence -> evidence sent ->  and so on.  Fastest way- go direct.  We’ll help put you in touch with the right people.

2) Rudeness gets you nowhere. This year has forever changed the way we ALL do business. We all are going to follow the protocols set in place. There’s a zero tolerance policy for rudeness towards any member of this staff. And I will strictly enforce that.

3)  “I want to return something.”

                -Cases of COVID in Tuscaloosa County and high are rising.  We’re being warned of a second wave post Christmas.  We’ve been advised to suspend all exchanges for the time being.  This policy is on each receipt, posted on our website in multiple areas, and posted in store.

-Our policy for 11 years has been, and still is, we accept items for exchange or store credit in an undamaged and unopened box within 30 days of purchase.

                -Summary: Don’t open it. Hold onto it.  When we’re told it’s safe to open exchanges back up, the 30 days will start from that day.  We’ll let you know by Social Media, our Website, Email List, and any other way we communicate with you.  We’ll take care of you! We promise!

 4) “Well, I don’t know what y’alls problem is! Amazon refunded me immediately.”

                -We’re not Amazon/Walmart and are proud to be a family owned business in the community.  We enjoy operating on a personal basis with each and every one of you.   We’ll help you in any way we can. With that said, as a small business, I CANNOT refund everyone, especially when it’s a manufacturer’s defect. We would not be financially viable.  Small businesses- especially this year- operate on a month to month basis.  One bad month could be the end. 

-To review: I worry myself to death about something not working right and how frustrating that is for you.  We’re all in a difficult position.  I understand this is a different way of operating than you are use to, and we appreciate you working with us. 

In the end, I don’t ask that you understand or like our policies, but I do ask that you respect them.

-All my love and appreciation- Kate Strickland


Looking ahead….2021 is looking exciting! There are so many ideas swirling around in our heads!  This year has taught us so much, and we’re ready and conquer whatever comes next!