No Carve Pumpkin Ideas!

These ideas are from one of my favorite vendor's, Ooly, Blog!

Pumpkins make a wonderful canvas for bright and beautiful designs. When designing your pumpkins let your imagination run wild. Try everything! There’s no wrong way to decorate a pumpkin. 

Drawing on Pumpkins

Storytelling Pumpkins

"The idea for the storytelling pumpkin came about from my love of making story stones for children. This was a fun pumpkin to collaborate with my 5-year-old son, and a great way to help him with creative storytelling."

She created this whimsical-inspired pumpkin (see above) using Wonder Stix. I love how smooth and beautiful these chalk crayons cover the pumpkins surface. Plus, they work on almost any surface, including real pumpkins!

Doodle Pumpkins

It’s hard to go wrong with a doodle pumpkin. Your doodles don’t have to be complicated. They can simply be straight lines and it will still turn out beautifully.

If you’re crafting with children and want to keep the mess to a minimum, I recommend using Chunkie's Paint Sticks. I then paired those with some sparkly things on a faux white pumpkin, and wow was the end result beautiful!

Polka Dot Pumpkins

Another great decorating option, and to give your pumpkin a fun 3D textured look, use our Glitter Glue set!

Glitter Pumpkins

“When in doubt, add more glitter!” If you want something that is eye-catching and will make people smile, just add glitter to your pumpkin. For more sparkle than just the Glitter Glue set, pick up some Modge Podge and loose Glitter from your local craft store!


These ideas are paraphrased and shared from a blog post from Ooly.  We love their products!

The products needed are featured on our homepage!

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