Surprise Bag $100

Surprise Bag $100

The Toy Shoppe Northport


The first few weeks of COVID-19 Social Distancing, So many people wanted to buy to support us, but couldn’t come in to shop! I was asked to put together “Surprise Bags”. 

I was told the child’s age and gender. I asked the  person buying what they wanted the child to have. Most responses were activities, games, Art, and books. 

I had so much fun putting these together and got great feedback! I got to pick items that get overlooked in the store. Some of these are the best items! Best items=happiest kids! 

Why it works?

-All you do is pay and write a few sentences in a box at checkout. So literally no work.

-I’m our buyer for the store and hand-pick every item. You truly get Buyer’s choice. 

-We do the work, you get the all the credit. 



-Child’s Age and Gender 

-Interests (princesses, sports, trains, makeup) 

-What you want them to have? (Activities, Art, Stickers, Games, Books) 


*If you need this shipped, we will contact you separately regarding shipping costs.*

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