Lumi Alarm Clock - Bunny
Lumi Alarm Clock - Bunny
Lumi Alarm Clock - Bunny

Lumi Alarm Clock - Bunny

  • This fully customizable light up kids' alarm clock makes falling asleep and waking up fun! The color can be adjusted by tapping the clock. When this function are turned off, controls on the back can be used to override it. Brightness is controlled with the rear controls. The wake to rise feature is tied to the alarm, so you don't have to worry about matching two different settings.
  • This night lamp has 8 great alarm tones to choose from, to better customize your child's rising experience. A positive waking sound helps train children to naturally develop a regular sleep schedule. When unplugged the clock will automatically shift to standby mode after 15 minutes.
  • This infant and toddler alarm clock is easy to adjust and customize using the controls on the reverse side. It works just like any other alarm clock, with just a few extra features designed to comfort and delight kids of all ages. Your child can cycle through the gentle colors and fun faces with just a tap. LumiClocks are built to be sturdy and hold up to babies' and toddlers' tough love.
  • This trainer clock operates best when plugged into an outlet. When unplugged, the backup battery starts a fifteen minute shutoff countdown. Tapping it will wake your LumiClock up. To completely turn off the clock, use the button on the back. The battery can last up to 12 hours before needing to be recharged.
  • Both the bunny night light and bear night light host a wide range of features targeted to please your children. The LumiClock doubles as a color-changing LED nightlight lamp and clock. It offers a wake to rise feature, color changing modes, brightness control, cute animated faces and sounds. The clock display can show either standard 12-hour time or 24-hour (military) time.
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