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K-Clubs Juggling Kit

K-Clubs Juggling Kit

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We all have fantasized of joining the circus. One of the skills that we most probably would learn is to juggle clubs.

Learning to juggle is a physical activity for both children and adults, that is not only fun, but also beneficial.

Juggling improves the connections between the two sides of the brain (and hence brainpower) by increasing the neural connections between the two hemispheres and the body by juggling

This K-Clubs Juggling kit contains three precisely weighted and balanced clubs. They are a great introduction into the world of juggling . With these clubs, you are able to perform unique tricks and throws, and when mastered they can spin in any direction.

These easy-grip clubs are of a single-piece construction for better balance. The clubs themselves are forty-three centimetres in length.

Illustrated Instructions are also included in this kit.

The dimensions of the box in cm are 45 x 16.6 x 7.